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Learning and Development

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Strategies to help manage talent

Learning Needs Assessment
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Learning and Development

An ever changing, highly competitive global landscape necessitates the development of a strong, customer responsive world-class company empowered by its vision, values and vitality. Corporate Resources has consistently fostered a culture that rewards continuous learning, collaboration and development across the organization to be future-ready and to meet the challenges posed by ever- changing market realities.

Corporate Resources Learning & Development vision reinforces this agenda by seeking to build talent and leadership pipeline and enhance organizational capability to compete, win in the marketplace and create enduring value for our client's and society.

Corporate Resources Learning & Development initiatives include core programs straddling various dimensions of Leadership, Capability Enhancement and Skill(s) Development along with customized programs that address diverse capability-building needs at various levels of the organization. These programs cover not just functional competencies but behavioral inputs as well, to ensure comprehensive development of our human resources.

Focused programs aimed at ensuring meaningful induction of talent into the organization, initiatives to address current and future capability requirements of the organization, platforms to understand what the future holds for us in terms of technology and process advancement and development inputs to enhance managerial and leadership capability of our resources are the mainstay of our Learning & Development agenda.

An organisation is responsible for ensuring that its employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the organisation's strategic and operational objectives. This has obvious implications for recruitment, but it also entails a commitment to learning and development by the organisation to ensure that skills and knowledge are maintained and developed to ensure ongoing competitiveness and adaptability.

Learning and development, or as it is now commonly referred to; training and development or human resource development, encompasses a range of on-the-job and off-the-job methods for acquiring necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours.

With this in mind, learning can be defined as the process of acquiring new behaviours, knowledge, skills and attitudes which enhance employees' ability to meet current and future job requirements and perform at higher levels.

Organisational focus
It is critical for organisations to establish an organisational focus when setting goals for its learning and development activities. The learning and development objectives and strategies should link with the broader organisational objectives.

Organisations should ensure that appropriate needs analyses are undertaken to identify the learning and development needs of the organisation, the business units/departments and individuals. These needs should be prioritised in terms of their potential impact on organisational effectiveness and profitability.

For an organisation's learning and development strategy and policies to be successful, they should be focussed on helping the business to meet its objectives, and they should also reflect its mission, values and culture.

Strategies to help manage talent and build a culture of development :

Learning Needs Assessment focuses on how to determine the development needs of individuals, teams, and departments.
Development Programs outlines different ways to foster internal development programs and promote development planning.
Learning Groups describes a method to promote knowledge sharing and learning by self-taught groups.
Peer Learning and Mentoring provides resources to encourage day-to-day learning with colleagues.
Learning On-the-Job focuses on strategies that use work assignments to build skills and add depth to the workforce.

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