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If you're looking forward to building a great career, look to CRPL. You'll find we offer an award-winning work environment, challenging career programs, global opportunities and the chance to work with some of the best and brightest people all around the world. So, if you're looking for a great place to build your career, we look forward to speaking with you.

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While Corporate Resources would like to respond individually to every applicant, we receive an extremely high volume of applications and are only able to respond to those who have qualifications that match current openings.

Please review the following FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions people ask about careers at Corporate Resources.

How many vacancies are there ?
As a growing company, we expect hundreds of new employees to join our business every year.
What is your recruitment process ?
At Corporate Resources, we recruit differently than most companies. We want to know the real you, not just facts on a paper. Once a department manager has reviewed your resume for the essential requirements, you will be invited to one of our events or an interview. It is up to you to make the best impression.
How do I submit a resume ?
You may submit your resume online by creating a profile. Apply for a position that matches your interests and qualifications. Please answer all questions and submit your application.
When is the deadline for applications ?
Recruitment is ongoing, and there are start dates throughout the year.
Can I submit my information without applying for a position ?
Yes. You are not required to apply for a specific position. If you don't find an opportunity that you are interested in you can submit your profile and resume through this link https://www.crplindia.com/career/current-openings. Additionally, we encourage you to revisit our career site on a regular basis to submit for new jobs that you might be interested in.
What happens to my resume after it's been submitted?
Once submitted, your resume enters our candidate tracking system, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology. This tool provides us with a centralized talent pool and serves as the first stop for our recruiters, who are trying to identify candidates for specific job openings.
After I submit my profile and/or application, will I receive a response ?
Yes. You will receive an email confirming that your profile and/or application has been received.
Will I hear back from a recruiter ?
You are most likely to receive a response if the position for which you apply closely matches your skills. If you are not a match for the role, you may or may not be contacted. If you are not contacted, please continue to visit our site to search for new available opportunities
Is there a limit to the number of roles I can apply for ?
You are encouraged to apply for any position that you are interested in and qualified for.
Does Corporate Resources have a policy on hiring relatives of current employees
As a policy, Corporate Resources does not hire family members of current employees.
Does Corporate Resources accept applications from candidates requiring work sponsorship
Yes. Details will be discussed throughout the interview process with your recruiter.
How long can I expect to wait to hear back once I have submitted my application
This can vary, depending upon the number of applications received and the popularity of the role. On average, you will receive a response within two to seven business days.
If unsuccessful in the interview process for one role, will I automatically be rejected from another role
No, candidacy is on a role-by-role basis. If you are interested in reapplying for the same role in the future, we recommend that you gain experience in the interim and expand your expertise.
Working at Corporate Resources
Will there be training and development opportunities in my new role ?
At the start of your employment, you'll have all the training you need for a successful career with us. you will be invited to attend a business area-specific training programs. These vary in duration and content and have been designed to provide you with the skills and information you require to become a well-rounded team member. Corporate Resources continues to provide on-the-job training and classroom instruction as part of our ongoing commitment to your career development. Further information about the training and development programs can be found in Learning and development section
Will there be opportunities for career progression ?
There are no set career paths. That's because we believe people make the most of their potential when they're free to move in the direction that suits them best. Within a short period, you could be a team leader in your department or managing a large client. You just have to prove you're ready for that step up. Corporate Resources believes the responsibility for career development rests both with the individual and the organization. While the organization provides opportunities for learning and growth, it is the individual's responsibility to ensure he/she enhances his/hers competencies to shoulder higher responsibilities. Career development therefore is a two-way process. Above all, the key factor determining career growth is meritocracy and performance.
When I join Corporate Resources, am I recruited for particular Division or flexible between businesses?
You are recruited into Corporate Resources and after your induction you are assigned to a particular Division. Corporate Resources is structured such so as to ensure 'separateness' for focus in each business and integration for synergy. New entrants are assigned to a particular Division where the focus is on understanding that particular business: the market, the product, the process etc. The attempt is to provide cross business exposure to managers with demonstrated potential to enable them develop all round business skills and prepare them for business leadership. Those individuals who prefer to grow as functional specialists are encouraged to do so.
Is age a barrier to career growth in Corporate Resources ?
Not in the least. As already stated, career growth is determined by performance and meritocracy
What are the cornerstones of Corporate Resources performance management system?
The cornerstone of the performance management system is the Appraisal System. The individual agrees to performance objectives at the beginning of the year with his/her superiors. These objectives naturally flow from the objectives of the unit/business. At the end of the year the individual's performance is assessed against the objectives set. The appraisal attaches as much importance to ''how'' results were achieved as to the results themselves. The rating is determined by the manager's boss and endorsed by his boss. Therefore, two individuals are involved in assessing a manager's performance.
The appraisal process also gives the individual an opportunity to share in a formal manner his/her own career aspirations and what the individual needs from the organization to enhance his/her own development. Based on an assessment of development needs, a development plan is drawn up for each manager.
Remuneration changes are made once every year based on the performance rating of the individual. The entire process is transparent and objective.
Are there opportunities to pursue external study/qualifications ?
If your course will aid your career development, you should be able to gain a subsidy. However, this will be at your manager's discretion.
Will I be able to use my language skills?
Knowledge of more than one language is preferred but not essential. The international nature of our business and our commitment to diversity means you'll be in frequent contact with clients and colleagues around the world who speak different languages.
Will there be an opportunity to travel?
It depends upon the area of the business in which you are interested. Our sales teams travel around the country to start and develop client relationships, maintain the highest level of service and sustain our market lead. In other areas of our business, travel is less frequent, but you will have regular contact with colleagues and clients all over the world.
Are jobs frequently transferable?
All managerial positions are transferable. The services of a manager can also be transferred to a subsidiary or associate company.
What salary do you offer?
You can expect a highly competitive salary with an extensive benefits package.
Entry-level & Internship Opportunities
Do I have to be a finance or business graduate to apply ?
No, we seek people from all academic backgrounds. We value diversity and strive to hire candidates who are eager to learn about financial markets. Please see the specific qualifications and requirements in each of our job descriptions.
I work outside the finance industry. Would you be interested in my application?
Absolutely. We are eager to meet people with experience at all levels, who can bring different perspectives and ideas to our company.
When is the deadline for applications?
There are no specific deadlines for internships. However, most internship opportunities are posted in December and fill up very quickly.
Do you have a summer internship program?
Yes, each year we welcome hundreds of interns into various business functions across the country.
When should I apply for the Summer Internship?
We usually list opportunities for Summer Internships two to three months before they begin. Please apply as soon as you see a suitable opening.
Do you have to be an undergraduate to apply?
Our internships range from college students to candidates with degrees or higher qualifications. In all cases, an eagerness to enhance your financial, technical or business knowledge is essential. We're looking for interesting personalities to add to the Corporate Resources team. Please see the specific qualifications in each of our job descriptions.
What is the duration of the Summer Internship Program?
Usually between ten and 10 weeks, but this varies from department to department.
What kind of work should I expect from the placement?
From your first day, you'll work alongside full-time employees on projects of business importance.
Will I be able to gain a full-time position following my internship?
At the end of your internship, we'll evaluate your experience and feedback with your manager and discuss the possibility of a career with us. All interns may apply for full-time roles, if eligible.
How can I invite Corporate Resources to recruit at my school/college/university?
We use a number of factors to determine our campus recruiting calendar. We evaluate on a regular basis to determine the final list of schools/college/university that best meet our needs for each recruiting season.
What if my school is not one of Corporate Resources target schools/college/university –can I still apply?
Yes. We recommend that you review our recruiting page to apply for employment opportunities.<
Are your internships paid?
Yes, some internship is paid which need to be discussed with your recruiter at the time of the interview process. However, this will be at management discretion.
Does Corporate Resources help with my apartment/living situation during the internship?
Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Ask your recruiter for more information.
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