Tips for preparation just before the interview

Once you have written your CV properly and floated it in the market, soon you will start getting interview calls. To ensure that you ace the interview it is important to go prepared. Following are some of the simple tips to increase your chances of getting through the interview:

1. Research the employer

It is very important to know about the company and the position for which you are going to be interviewed. A good way to collect information about the company is to go to its website and find out some important details like its business, product line, operations etc. If you go to the interview with out being aware of these details, your chances of being turned down will be very high. Employers do not like candidates who do not want to take an effort to find out these details about their prospective employers.

2. Research the position

Find out the details of the position under discussion. What personal qualities and professional skills would the person need to take up that position? This will help you in not only tailoring your answers as per the employers need but also stay confident during the interview.

3. Analyze the position and your qualifications

Your qualifications for the job role cover your educational qualifications, work experience, extra curricular activities and achievements. Try to understand, how you fit into the role. This will help you in turning the interview in your favor. You would know your shortcomings in advance and have an answer ready to convince the interviewer.

4. Predict the questions the interviewer might ask

It is always a good idea to predict the questions that can be asked. There will be some general questions, which if you answer properly can turn the interview in the direction you want it to go.

5. Prepare the questions you want to ask the interviewer.

This is not only a chance to demonstrate your active participation in the job interview but also an opportunity to impress the interviewer. Ask some intelligent questions when given a chance to interview the interviewer.

6. Dress yourself professionally and reach the interview venue before time. Carry some extra copies of your CV, a notepad and a pen.

7. Stay confident and approach the interviewer as a “Problem Solver” not a “Job beggar”.Getting ready to plunge into the corporate world adds to the excitement level of fresh graduates. The excitement is accompanied by anxiety as every interview call you get is important and you feel the pressure of performing good.

Here are some tips for fresh graduates aspiring to join the community of working professionals give that first best impression during their job interview:

1. Reach on time:

Being punctual demonstrates your seriousness towards the interview. Find out well in advance the information about how to reach the interview place, how much time does it take to reach there. Try to reach the interview place 15 minutes in advance so that you can relax and get yourself ready to face the interview.

2. Carry all required documents in a folder

Make sure that you carry 2-3 copies of your resume, certificates (if asked), a notepad and a pen in a well organised folder.

3. Dress neatly and demonstrate confidence

Dressing neatly adds to your self confidence – this includes, neat clothes, shoes and well done hair. Be cautious about the fragrance you use – it should not be so strong that it makes the interviewer uncomfortable.

Enter the interview room with a smile on your face and don’t slouch in your chair. While slouching in your chair demonstrates lack of interest, the bowed down back exhibits that you are nervous.

In both the situations, you will not be able to face the interview effectively.

4. Mind your actions

Biting your nails, tapping the table with your pen, sipping water again and again, touching your forehead or nose, biting your lips demonstrates nervousness. Similarly chewing the gum during an interview demonstrates lack of courtesy. Keep away from doing any of these.

While you have a right to remain silent over things you want, do not tell lies about your candidature. With a lot of investigative agencies and social media being in place, truth is not difficult to be discovered.

5. Anticipate questions

You can easily anticipate some questions while preparing for the interview. Make a list of such questions and prepare answers for them. Take a look at the job notification also to anticipate some questions you might be asked based on the key skills required for the role.

6. Listen carefully

Ensure that you let the interviewer finish the question before you jump to answer it. Answer with required facts and figures without being too verbose.

7. Be loud enough and clear

Make sure that the interviewer can hear you clearly. Avoid talking too loudly or in a very low volume.

8. Establish eye contact

If there are more than one interviewer, establish eye contact with each of them while answering the questions. At the same time avoid staring at any one of them as it exhibits over aggression.

9. Say “I don’t know”

While you must make intelligent guesses, don’t fake around by trying to offer wrong answers to the questions you don’t know at all. It is absolutely OK if you don’t know certain things.

10. Ask questions

When given a chance, make sure that you ask intelligent questions. This would require you to research the job and the company very well before you go to the interview. Not asking any questions in the interview demonstrates your lack of interest in the position or being dull.

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