Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In India 2019

1) LIC Insurance Corporation Of India LIC Insurance Corporation Of India is one of the best life insurance companies in India. LIC of India basically stands for ‘Life Insurance Corporation’. LIC Insurance Corporation Of India is the oldest insurance company that provides a life insurance policy. This company was basically founded in the year 1956.

7 Ways Point Click Care Made their Candidate Experience Feel like Fine Dining

Have you ever gone out to dinner and asked the server what they would recommend off of the menu? The whole experience can be pretty interesting. Sometimes, the server has no idea what to recommend because they haven’t actually tried anything on the menu. Other times, they’re reluctant because they don’t want to recommend something

The Best Answers to the 7 Worst Interview Questions

Interviews can be very discomforting. Of course, the interviewee wants to put forward the best possible answers to even the toughest questions. And answering difficult questions on the fly can be problematic. Fortunately, great answers to troublesome questions can be rehearsed and considered long before that important interview. Here’s how. 1. Tell me about yourself.

Interview Questions and Answers – How to Answer Interview Questions

Interview Questions and Answers – How to Answer Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Interview Questions Q : Why have you been unemployed for such a long time ? A : I enrolled myself for advanced personality development course along with some freelance work.   Q : Describe your management style ? A : I will be constantly keeping tab of assigned work with my subordinates and