Resignation Do’s and Don’ts

How should you resign from your job? How about what you shouldn’t do when turning in your resignation? I’ve seen resignations handled both ways. One employee left a note on her manager’s desk saying she quit and wouldn’t be back. Another employee got mad, yelled at the boss, and walked out the door. Neither option,

Cheeky tips: 10 weird ways to beat interview nerves

Don’t speak too fast Nerves tend to make us speed up, so while you’re waiting for your interview, breathe in through your nose very slowly for a count of three. Then breathe out through your nose for a count of three. Repeat this three times. That should take you a total of 18 seconds. In

How to Write a Resume If You Have No Experience

Fresher Resume Guide: How to Write a Resume If You Have No Experience If you’ve been wondering how to make a resume with no experience, stop worrying. Writing a resume with no work experience is different to a normal resume, but it’s easier than it looks. Basic fresher resume issues The issues in writing a

What you need to know before you negotiate a new salary

You’re going to be offered the job. Or at least you’re pretty sure you are going to be. You’re thrilled and picturing yourself in the big chair and doing whatever it is that you will be doing for this role. But don’t break out the champagne and dancing shoes just yet. There’s one more big hurdle that

10 Most Asked Interview Questions: How to Tackle Them

How many of you had stumbled upon an interview question you haven’t prepared yourself for, and your mind drew a blank? Sensing that awkward silence, you blurted out whatever words you could find and desperately made sentences out of them. The interview ended moments later, and as you reflect back on what you had said,

The Common Job Interview Questions and the Answers

Interviewers seem to have favorite questions that they always ask every job candidate. The best way to impress interviewers is to have thought about the question and prepared to answer it in advance. Some of these questions will also be asked while networking or just talking with family and friends. Smart job seekers prepare in advance for those questions so they can answer

Retail interview questions and answers

Why do you want to work in retail? If an interviewer asks you this question, you could say something like – “I had a desire to work in retail store since long and this made me pursue my degree in Retail management.. Working in a retail setting environment where I get chance to help customers

Good attitudes contribute to success

Good attitudes contribute to success Introduction Acquiring good attitudes can alter lives. Good attitudes contribute to success. An executive can’t excel without good attitude. It is a critical factor in success. A person always proved to be team player with good attitude. There are various factors that influence one’s attitude such as school, work, media,