HR and Marketing: Connecting for Recruitment

One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends impacting the staffing industry is, without a doubt, the increasing confluence of the HR and Marketing functions. For evidence, one need to look no further than the heightened emphasis most companies are placing on their employer brand. And as social media has made it easier than ever for employees to share their experiences in working for their company – whether good or bad – the working environment a company provides has become a crucial aspect of how it is perceived by consumers and potential candidates alike.

In light of these trends, the ability to attract talent is no longer about relying on a big-name brand and hoping candidates flock to it. With competition fierce among the world’s most well-known tech employment brands, organizations must develop a new approach to attract top talent.Forward-thinking HR teams have realized that they must take a more proactive approach to market their open positions and their unique employer brand where the candidates are, and in ways that are most likely to resonate with them and spur action.

We’re seeing more collaboration between the HR and marketing functions, with the two working together to develop ways to attract the best talent. For companies that leverage an RPO provider, they should also be included in this collaboration to ensure a comprehensive approach to recruitment. If your HR organization has yet to collaborate with the marketing department, consider the following ways that doing so can amplify recruiting efforts:

  • Create compelling job descriptions. By teaming together, HR and marketing, as well as an RPO partner, can develop robust job descriptions that not only convey the requirements and responsibilities of their roles, but the benefits of working with your organization, and in a way that encourages talent to apply.
  • Determine the best places to distribute jobs. To attract the right talent, the organization must be able to push them out to the right audience and via the best methods. Whether Twitter, LinkedIn or email, marketing can advise regarding the audiences and reach of each of those venues as they relate to your organization specifically, so that HR and recruiting partners can determine the best distribution channels.
  • Develop an effective career site. The company career site can be so much more than just a place to post jobs; it plays a crucial role in projecting the employer brand. By sharing multimedia such as pictures of the workplace, videos of various employees in their unique roles and an interactive map of the office location(s), marketing can create a realistic job preview and a true view into what it is like to work at the company.

With greater collaboration in the recruitment process, the HR and marketing teams can ensure a best practice approach to talent acquisition. As a result, the organization can communicate a cohesive message more strategically through both its employer and overall brand. As competition for the best talent continues to increase, organizations must develop new approaches to ensure they stand out as a top employer of choice. By working with the marketing department, HR teams can be confident that they are getting their messages out in the most effective way.

This article originally written by Rebecca Callahan and appeared on the staffing stream.

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