Women campus hires power IT workforce

The Times of India featured IBM’s leadership in recruiting women. Reporters: Sujit John & Shilpa Phadnis, TNN BANGALORE: In a landmark for the IT industry, maybe for most industries, IBM India has this year hired more women than men during its campus recruitment. This is significant because it’s happened in an industry where mass recruitment

HR and Marketing: Connecting for Recruitment

One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends impacting the staffing industry is, without a doubt, the increasing confluence of the HR and Marketing functions. For evidence, one need to look no further than the heightened emphasis most companies are placing on their employer brand. And as social media has made it easier than ever for employees to

How Facebook and Twitter are Changing Recruitment

The Internet uprising has brought in strong changes in the way people communicate with each other. Social media, consisting of web-based and mobile technologies, have altered communication into a social interface for generating value for their users. With millions of potential candidates connected to friends, classmates and competitors through networking sites, companies in chase of